Write an equation in point slope form for a horizontal line

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equations for the vertical and horizontal lines

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The Importance of a Tangent Line Calculator

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Can equations for horizontal or vertical lines be written in point-slope form?

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Example 2: Write an equation for the horizontal line that passes through (6, 2). Since the line is horizontal, y is constant--that is, y always takes the same value. Since y takes a value of 2 at the point (6, 2), y always takes the value 2.

Write an equation in slope -intercept form for the line described. slopepasses through (0, 5) 62/87,21 REASONING Write an equation in point -slope form of a line with an x-intercept of c and y-intercept of d.

62/87,21 Substitute DQG LQWKH slope formula. D Write an equation in point-slope form for the line containing. E Write the standard form of the line containing.

Using the Point-Slope Form of a Line

62/87,21 a. Find two points that are on. G has the coordinates (-3, 7) and H has the coordinates (4, 1).

Find the slope of the line containing the given points. By looking at the graph, estimate the slope m and the coordinates of P, and write the equation of the line. Then click "show details" and see how close you got. (To find the slope of a line, see Slope of a Line).

This is called the slope-intercept form because "m" is the slope and "b" gives the y-intercept. (For a review of how this equation is used for graphing, look at slope and graphing.). I like slope-intercept form.

When you are given a point and a slope and asked to write the equation of the line that passes through the point with the given slope, you have to use what is called the point-slope form of a line. When using this form you will substitute numerical values for x 1, y 1 and m.

Write an equation in point slope form for a horizontal line
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