Reflective writing activity for 5th

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End of Year 6 Reflection Activity Sheet

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Patriotic Poem

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Think back to a moment where you've come to the end of the road with something important in your life—a relationship with a lover; moving out of your childhood home; graduation from school; etc.

Write a scene wrapped around that moment, describing how you felt (good and bad) and how you closed the door on that chapter in your life.

Reflection is a critical 21st Century and social-emotional skill Use our guidelines to teach Reflective Journals which are notebooks that students use when writing about their own thoughts.

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5th Grade CCSS: Writing

Test chapter 4 and 5 terms Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. A reflective activity to get children thinking not only about their time in Year 6, but their whole primary school experience. Great prompts in preparation for a leavers assembly or leavers book.

The Activity Model for Inquiry: Reflective Writing Prompts Reflective writing activity for 5th
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