Fundamental financial accounting concepts

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Financial Accounting. Content: This course is a review of the fundamental concepts of accounting. The focus is on financial statements that a firm prepares each year.

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Under Graduate Degree,Diploma,Higher Certificate: Semester module: NQF level: 5: Credits: Module presented in English: Module presented online: Purpose: To equip students with the fundamental concepts, standards and principles of financial accounting; to provide an informed understanding of the collection, processing and recording of relevant financial accounting data of an entity, the.

Fundamental Accounting Concepts. Four fundamental accounting concepts exist. One is the accrual concept (also known as the historical cost concept), which mandates that.

accounting concepts

Statements of Financial Accounting Concepts – first issued in They are part of the FASB's conceptual framework project and set forth fundamental objectives and concepts that the FASB use in developing future standards.

Students are often overwhelmed by the amount of information presented in the introductory financial accounting course. By focusing on fundamental concepts in a logical sequence, students are able to fully comprehend the material rather than memorise seemingly unrelated terms and Edition: 9th Edition.

Fundamental financial accounting concepts
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