Financial inclusion for inclusive growth in india

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Financial inclusion is key to inclusive growth: Finance Minister

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The rationale for inclusive financial system, taking banking services to the vulnerable sections, role of micro finance institutions in spreading financial literacy and the role of technology in taking financial services available & affordable to the poor are discussed in the paper.

Inclusive growth and issues arising from it

In section III, Inclusive Growth and its significance for achieving sustainable growth is discussed. Section-IV brings to fore the Financial Inclusion and its dimensions in detail.

In Section-V, the importance of financial inclusion for achieving Inclusive Growth in India is detailed with a statistical analysis. However for attaining the objectives of inclusive growth there is a need for resources, and for resource generation and mobilization financial inclusion is required.

It plays a very crucial role. The two decades of post reform period in India witnessed transformation of the economy in to a higher growth plane signaling the arrival of the country in the global stage.

But this robust growth. In this way financial inclusion is necessary for inclusive growth in India. Financial inclusion is the need of the hour which is possible through coordination between banks.

Financial inclusion is one of the methods through which Inclusive Growth can be achieved in India where large sections are unable or incompetent to participate in the Financial System.

Why inclusive growth is indispensable to India


Financial inclusion for inclusive growth in india
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