Evaluation of financial performance of gsk

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2018 Q1 Results Presentation & Transcript

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The Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank commonly known as the PTA Bank, is the financial arm of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).

Key † In-licence or other alliance relationship with third party ^ ViiV Healthcare, a global specialist HIV company with GSK, Pfizer, Inc.

and Shionogi Limited as shareholders, is responsible for developing and delivering HIV medicines. I am also delighted to welcome Rich Lindahl to Emergent as our Chief Financial Officer.

International Conferences

Rich brings a wealth of financial leadership experience in large growth oriented public companies, including.

omics group has scheduled itsand international and scientific conferences, meetings, events, workshops and symposiums in america, europe, asia. International Expert Adviser to the UN on Democratic Governance, Human Rights and IHL-Spain Mr. de Cerón is a qualified lawyer and economist, PhD in Law and LLM in Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.

Key † In-licence or other alliance relationship with third party ^ ViiV Healthcare, a global specialist HIV company with GSK, Pfizer, Inc.

and Shionogi Limited as shareholders, is responsible for developing and delivering HIV medicines.

Evaluation of financial performance of gsk
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