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The writing of business letters in the classroom can be 5/5(12). 8 The Writing Center Journal Avoiding the Proofreading Trap 9 Having faced similar—albeit less extreme—situations in the past, I decided that continuing to depend solely on the cultural informant role for such students would be ill-advised.

Exploring Through Writing (2nd Edition) Student's Book. Exploring Through Writing, a critically acclaimed text, has everything in one place: instruction and guidance, an anthology of readings, and a special section that focuses on grammar troublespots.

Ann Brown, Helping Children to Write, (Liverpool:Paul Chapman Publishing Ltd) Ann Raimes, Techniques in Teaching Writing (New York:Oxford University.

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Spack R Clustering Clustering Listing Listing Freewriting Freewriting from BUSINESS at Sunway University College.

Ann raimes exploring through writing a business
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